Palu Bangkit : Myths and Destiny | Puisi

Myths and Destiny

The length of shore
destroyed by catasthrope
God probably got us in the scope
but we still believe in him and praying our hope

So many houses had been break down because of the earthquake
accordingly, we canceled our plans that we make
but it’s never too late
to the people who still believe in faith

Pray For Palu
it’s just not about you
that have been fool
by the stupid ritual
because the Mayor say it cool

We didn’t get mad
but, so many innocent people was dead
i wish they’re not losing the path
that God have made

Baca Juga : Air Mata di Tanah Kaili adalah media warga. Setiap warga kampus Untad bebas menulis dan menerbitkan tulisannya. Tanggung jawab tulisan menjadi tanggung jawab penulisnya






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